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Lopez Negrete Launches New Agency Website

It's nestled in the foothills of the Pico del Águila mountains outside of Mexico City. Or, at the base of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. Perhaps, it sits in the Cerro El Ávila range in Venezuela, hidden somewhere between Caracas and the Caribbean Sea. Or even, possibly, somewhere along the Rockies here in the United States, where the indelible Colonial touch and the people who created it live on.

Its exact location is unknown. But, what we are sure of is that the weather is as sunny and pleasant as the disposition of its residents. That the villagers wake early to the smell of pan dulce baking in the panadería and that they plan their day according to the four bells on top of the iglesia, the quaint town church. The children play happily in the colorful streets and manicured parks, and a paletero will sell them ice cream. And, if you listen carefully, you'll hear the many unique sounds of a life Latino.


You've entered the enchanting world known as www.lopeznegrete.com. A place on the web that will capture your imagination. It tells the story of an organization that will charm you with its art, its music, its people, its expertise and its attitude. This is our new, virtual home that will intrigue your mind and capture your heart. A place to which, we think (and hope), you will often return.

As you enter the site, you will notice a colorful carousel with eight figures. These are folks you'll see around town, such as the algodonero, the kind man who sells cotton candy. The tamalera, a woman who sells homemade tamales made fresh in her humble home the night before. Or the voceador, who calls out, "Noticias! Noticias!" - the very newsletter you're reading right now. Click on the front of these figures, and they'll stop and turn, and offer a description of their role in our happy town.

Cruising down Main Street you will see the Newsstand … the Theater … the Post Office … City Hall … the Library … and the Job Office, among other buildings and businesses. More will be opening soon. This is, after all, a growing, bilingual, bicultural town.

Before you go inside any of the buildings, make a quick stop at the Newsstand. Here, you can get all the latest news about Lopez Negrete Communications and the state of Hispanic advertising. "From the Desk of Alex" highlights articles authored by Alex López Negrete, agency president and CEO. He shares some of his stories and insights about Hispanic marketing here. You can also get up close and personal with our employees with "In the Spotlight." Our most recent awards, press releases and press coverage are all right here.

Step inside the rich, ruby-red lobby of the Theater. That concession stand looks so real you'd think you could get yourself a bag of buttered popcorn and a Dr Pepper. What does pop up when you click on the movie poster, the jukebox, the arcade game, and various other icons is our work in TV, radio, print and interactive. While you're here, be sure to check out some of our award-winning work for clients like Walmart, Bank of America, Miller Lite, Kraft Foods, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Sonic Drive-ins, just to name a few.

Next stop, City Hall. A beautiful, stately building. Those oil portraits on the wall are of the founders of our town, our family, our agency, Cathy and Alex López Negrete. Click on their pictures and read more about their careers and the history of the agency. The walls are covered with portraits of the agency's leadership in every major discipline, such as account management, account planning, insights, research, creative, promotions, digital and public relations. You can also read up on our roster of blue-chip clients and all of our awards.

Okay, let's go to the Library. You'll want to spend some time here, get comfortable and grab a book. You can read up on the latest trends and get some sage advice about the Hispanic market again from our President, Chief Executive Officer, Alex López Negrete. And, our agency history is an interesting read, as it parallels the development of Hispanic advertising itself. You'll see archives of this online newsletter, the Noticias, as well as press releases and press coverage of the agency, its work and its clients. There's also a cookbook compiled by the employees with recipes from around Latin America. Yum! But, don't get too comfortable; there's more to see.

Down the street in the Job Office, inspect the bulletin board for current job postings. As you can see, Lopez Negrete Communications is a great place to work. You can even apply right online. Or, you can stop off at the Post Office, where it's easy to reach us.

The sun is slowly setting over the mountains. But before you go, let's stop in at the Cantina. Here, you can unwind a bit after a busy day. Pour yourself a cold one, share a joke, and even take a look at some pictures of the Lopez Negrete crew sharing wonderful moments together. Take some time, let your mouse do the walking, and discover all the fun that's inside.

Just like Hispanic marketing, our world is a world of discovery. It's a place that has as much heart, heritage and tradition as it has progress, innovation and change. It's a working community of 175+ people, all of whom work diligently with a deep sense of purpose to serve its clients in connecting with Hispanic America. It's a place called Lopez Negrete.

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