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Continued Growth and
Renewed Optimism

Dear Readers, Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the 10th edition of Las Noticias – and our second issue after having gone electronic. We thank you for the wonderful response to our first electronic edition and hope you enjoy this issue as well.

In every issue, it has always been our attempt to bring you stories and articles which provide you with interesting, useful and applicable knowledge, experience, insights and information, while also providing you with an update of what is happening in our fun, action-filled world. This particular issue has some salient and very timely articles. With everything from how the current state of the economy has hit the Hispanic consumer and what marketers can do to address this consumer in a relevant, powerful way to continuing our dialog on the continuous growth and evolution of digital marketing to Latinos, specifically social media vehicles, Las Noticias continues to inform and entertain.

We are particularly excited by the launch of our long-awaited, totally new agency website. It has been a year in development – and we are so very proud of it. Our team has worked diligently not just to create an informative website that is easy to navigate, but a complete online experience – an experience that will give you a glimpse of the world of Lopez Negrete. The color, music, sounds, culture, insights, team, resources and work are all there for visitors to enjoy and, most importantly, experience. It is important to mention that this website has been developed completely in-house, which, again, speaks volumes of our commitment to future technologies and of the creativity and capacity of our digital team here at Lopez Negrete. We invite you to visit www.lopeznegrete.com, and have fun!

Yes, while 2009 proved to be one of the most difficult years in recent memory for our country and our industry, we can take pride in recognizing that some very good things did happen as well. At Lopez Negrete, we were able to continue our path to growth despite the many challenges we all faced together. We added new brands to the roster. We did breakthrough work that was recognized and awarded both creatively and strategically, and, most importantly, the work provided results for our clients. We also welcomed many very talented new members to our team in almost every area: creative, interactive, promotions, planning, business analytics and account management. In essence, we are stronger, better and deeper than we have ever been.

As such, we look toward 2010 with tremendous excitement and optimism. This November, we enter our 25th year of operations and look forward to celebrating the quarter-century mark for our company next year. Of course, we can’t forget that it’s a World Cup year (we have many soccer enthusiasts in our agency, as you can imagine). And, certainly, the all-important 2010 Census will be fielded. The importance of this Census to our community, to our business, and for our clients cannot be minimized. We must pay attention, and we must encourage our community to get involved and be counted.

In closing, as the holidays approach, we take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones health, happiness and togetherness, and to thank you for your interest in our market and in our agency. We treasure the relationships we have with our clients, vendors and friends. It is in years like these that the value of strong partnerships and a sense of mission and purpose become clearer than ever. We thank you for yours.

Most sincerely, from our family to yours,

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