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“We consider it to be part of the DNA of the Lopez Negrete Communications familia to seize every opportunity we can to get involved with our community and the organizations who selflessly serve it in order to make a real difference,” said Alex López Negrete, as he returned with the agency volunteers who had just spent the morning reading in both English and Spanish to at-risk early grade school children at a local Houston school.

Big smiles greeted the Lopez Negrete Communications volunteers as they entered Ketelsen Elementary classrooms to once again read to the students; and this time they added sing-alongs to the activities. Children gathered around the volunteers that had come from every department in the agency to hear simple stories and realize that today, they were very important to others beyond their classroom and family.

“We realize that our agency, our family is a small part of something bigger, of an ecosystem that is far bigger than ourselves, and as such, we have a responsibility to stay connected, to participate and to give back,” said López Negrete, who had the children participating in a circle and letting them choose which story they would like to hear first. “The laughing, the smiles and their curiosity were wonderful. It was as fun for us as it was for them, actually, maybe more so. We have been involved with this AVANCE program for a few years because its mission is to help low-income, at-risk children and communities. We share the common goal of investing our time and human talent to empower the next generation and very clearly understand that volunteerism is core to American values and to America itself.”

Among the previous volunteering outings was AVANCE’s Employee Appreciation Day, held in August. Several more outings are planned for the remainder of the school semester.

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