Lopez Negrete Gets Fresh and Natural with Its "Sevenísima" Campaign for 7UP

Shortly after being awarded the Dr Pepper Snapple Group business this past fall, Lopez Negrete got busy designing and developing the first fully integrated Hispanic campaign for one of the company's legacy brands: 7UP. Although the 7UP brand is recognized by Hispanics from many Latin American countries and has strong brand equity with this consumer, the carbonated soft drink category overall has been in decline.

The agency's challenge was to develop a message that would reach a very distinct target: the bicultural Hispanic Mom 22-44 years of age, a consumer that is pressed for time and faces an onslaught of competing brand messages on a daily basis. It was very clear that 7UP's message needed to be relevant and strike the right chord with her as she becomes more conscious about making better and healthier choices for herself and her family.

In contrast to many CSDs (carbonated soft drinks), 7UP also has a place at the table, its claim to fame and point of differentiation being its taste, from 100% natural flavors. Natural, clear, clean, crisp, fresh and refreshing. Hmm. Are we talking about today's Latina, or are we talking about 7UP? Maybe both. And, this is where the magic came from and where the Sevenísima campaign platform was born.

Sevenísima, the name of the campaign, is not just a slogan ... it's a lifestyle, an attitude, a movement, a set of values, all based on the idea that the desired things in life are not material, but rather the "natural" ... friendship, health, well-being, family, companionship and nature itself. Being Sevenísima, or living the Sevenísima lifestyle, means that your priorities are not on things that are phony or shallow, but rather on those things which allow your inner qualities to be expressed ... just like 7UP, which is made of 100% natural flavors, is crystal clear, transparent and wholesome.

"Whatever we did, it had to be different. We weren't just creating a slogan, but a movement. And, in order to do this effectively, we needed to make sure that our target consumer could see herself, her values, her priorities and her attitude reflected in this work. And, again, advertising couldn't do it all. We had to reach higher, deeper. So, we set out to create an ‘anthem' of sorts," explained Alex López Negrete. When Alex approached Latin Grammy award-winning writer and producer Gustavo Farías for this project, they sought to create a piece of music, an anthem, that was fresh and unlike anything heard before. This anthem would have to be upbeat, positive and effervescent, just like the Sevenísima lifestyle, consumer and just like 7UP. What it couldn't be was just another jingle, another piece of music trying to sell you something. It had to be more powerful and more natural (pardon the pun). The result was a piece of music with lightness, joy and inherent happiness – a mixture of rhythms and sounds that is powerful but not overbearing. The Sevenísima theme was co-produced and co-written by Gustavo Farías and our own Alex López Negrete.

While writing and composing the Sevenísima theme song, it became apparent that a voice was needed that was as new, as fresh and as unique as what Sevenísima stood for and represented. It could only be someone who was fresh, powerful and natural – someone who was Sevenísima herself. Gustavo suggested Denise González, a young artist who had spent her early years in theater and as a member of Cirque du Soleil, and for whom he was in the process of writing and producing a record. Denise's qualities of enthusiasm, natural charm, disarming simplicity and powerful voice all made her the perfect voice and face for the new Sevenísima movement.

The campaign is the first of its kind to launch the career of an up-and-coming artist. Denise is featured in the television spot and music video, both directed by the multiple-award-winning director Gustavo Garzón, known for his artful and imaginative music videos for Juanes, Shakira and Paulina Rubio, among many others. Denise was also featured on 7UP's sevenisima.com website and made public appearances on behalf of the brand.

And, not unlike the platform the agency created for 7UP's sister brand, Dr Pepper, the Sevenísima platform had a strong interactive element with a deep, entertaining, helpful and resourceful website in www.sevenisima.com, an engaging and innovative retailtainment effort behind it, as well as a sales promotion element to tie it all together, driving consumer engagement, interest, participation – and, of course, sales.

The campaign also included a 7 Días de Sevenísima consumer contest, in which nine winners received seven easy-living Sevenísima days for their moms, with prizes that included tickets for amusement parks, home cleaning services, shopping sprees and family vacations.

7Dias promo screen shot

"The 7 Días de Sevenísima contest reflects the natural energy, fun and spirit of 7UP consumers - something we call the Sevenísima lifestyle," said Rene Sánchez, associate brand manager for 7UP. "We offered fans of the ultimate lemon-lime flavor of 7UP the opportunity to enter the contest for a chance to win '7 Days' of fun prizes for their families. 7 Días de Sevenísima gives consumers a chance to celebrate the people that make their lives more naturally flavorful."

To build on the Sevenísima movement, 7UP went to seven markets this summer with a branded storefront retailtainment experience. Consumers had the opportunity to sample 7UP and enjoy valuable family time while interacting with the brand outside of the participating retailers. Those who purchased 7UP were invited to play a game with instant gratification and win 7UP premiums. Denise was there, signing autographs and taking pictures with her new fans, who were also able to pick up a copy of the Sevenísima CD single.

The sevenisima.com website had the event schedule and consumers also went there to enter the 7 Días de Sevenísima contest or to find out more about Denise. The website rallied consumers and they shared local events, places and happenings that they thought were very Sevenísima with others.

Take a moment, go to www.sevenisima.com, and enjoy a really effervescent 7UP experience.

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