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Late last summer, Dr Pepper Snapple Group set out to find a Hispanic marketing partner to help represent its prestigious line-up of CSD (carbonated soft drink) brands, among them, the venerable and beloved Dr Pepper brand. Among a list of very solid agencies, Lopez Negrete was chosen as the winning agency.

The target for this particular brand is the bicultural/bilingual Hispanic youth between the ages of 13 and 24; the objective was to increase volume sales by driving trial and establishing a unique, meaningful and relevant relationship with this consumer segment.

TuRide posterEasy, right? Well, no, not so easy. Here's why:

  1. The attitudes, passion points and overall outlook of kids 13 – 17 years of age are vastly different than those of young adults 18 – 24. It was key to find common ground between these two subgroups of a larger demographic cell.
  2. How you connect with the Hispanic youth is changing and evolving faster and more radically than ever before. Speaking to these elusive consumers through mass media alone just won't cut it. You have to create a relationship with the consumer using the very content that is so intrinsically interwoven with their own multidimensional lives.
  3. Touching and impacting this group is not something that is done in-language, but rather in-culture. The work, the content and the tone of the campaign not only had to reflect the youths' reality – but also had to be genuine in the use of language, whether Spanish, English or both.


All in all, to succeed, Lopez Negrete had to take Dr Pepper where no other CSD and very few marketers have ever been – and to break a lot of rules and bust a lot of myths along the way.

As with anything we do at Lopez Negrete, it all starts with getting a deep and thorough understand of this consumer – identifying powerful, actionable insights by which we could build our work – and this relationship.

There is a fundamental issue: Bilingual/bicultural Hispanic youth are anywhere and everywhere at once; they are always connected and ahead of the curve; they make their lifestyles seem easy because living in both their Hispanic and non-Hispanic worlds doesn't require extra effort on their part. They're just built that way. They have a broader range of experiences from which to draw and they generously share it. They are trilingual, actually – speaking Spanish, English and Spanglish. Their iPods boast the most diverse playlists – from the next hot DJ, to emerging stars from reggaeton, to Latin rock, hip hop and today's top 40 hits. They may watch an episode of Family Guy and go catch up on the latest novelas with their parents. They are online tweeting about the latest happenings and updating their MySpace Latino page. They live their lives at an accelerated pace and at another frequency. Catch them if you can. They live a rich, energetic, diverse and inspired life. And, they know it.

screen shots of web pagesIt was from understanding the richness of how these young people live their lives, and the array of opportunities to touch them, that Vida23 was born. Vida23 is an anthem to their lifestyle, to the soft drink with the secret 23-flavor formula that harmonizes with this consumer's own unique "life flavor," and to an agency with all the right resources and capabilities to serve it up to the consumer. You see, Hispanic youth are living life to the max – to the 23rd power to be exact.

This was a showcase opportunity for Lopez Negrete's creative and strategic talent. The breadth of the Vida23 campaign allowed us to utilize all of our resources and integration capabilities, to literally create campaign harmony. It started with a song, "LaLaLaLife/Vida23," written, orchestrated and performed by Andrés Levin, creator and bandleader of the famous multi-ethnic breakthrough band, Yerba Buena, Yerba Buena lead singer CuCu Diamantes, and LNC's own Alex López Negrete. It evokes the exciting, dynamic and culturally infused lifestyle of the consumer. The song is strategically integrated throughout the campaign, in a music video and in a TV spot directed by Gustavo Garzón, a well-known director of music videos for superstars like Shakira, Paulina Rubio and Juanes. The music is featured in radio spots and in-market promotional activities, and consumers can even download it and create their own remix of the song online at

"From a musical perspective, we approached this unlike any other project. Andres, CuCu and I sat with the creative brief, the research findings, including video and interviews of our target consumer – and started writing, jamming, creating. Most brands (and their agencies) simply commission a jingle or buy a previously produced song – but we didn't. We wanted to create FOR this audience, FOR this brand, and let the body of the campaign evolve from there," explains Alex López Negrete.

But that's just the beginning. The Vida23 campaign utilized every single part of the agency beyond its creative and broadcast production unit. Vida23 had to come alive in the interactive space, so the agency's interactive and digital departments created the website, while the promotions and event marketing department, under the leadership of Trey Velasco and Remo Mazzini, created breakthrough event and retailtainment opportunities.

As a result, consumers can interact with and enjoy Vida23 through the massive traveling Club23, which is a triple-wide trailer complete with a sampling booth, three video stations, sitting area, a DJ dance floor, and more. "Club23 is a place where you'd really like to spend time hanging out, playing Rock Band or just listening to the jams of DJ Niño, getting a picture taken of you and your friends by a paparazzi and downloading the photos off the Vida23 website," says Trey Velasco, Director of Promotions at the agency. Scaled-down versions of the club, Vida Vans, were designed to be adaptable enough to travel to storefronts and supermarkets with instant gratification programs, which reward consumers with prizes after purchase.

TuRide posterThe Vida23 campaign, complete with its Club23 extension, will continue throughout the year with the Tu Ride23 and Familia23 consumer giveaways and contests. The Tu Ride23 giveaway encourages consumers to purchase Dr Pepper for a chance to win a 2010 Camaro. The 2010 Camaro will be on tour with Club23, giving consumers an up-close-and-personal view of the prize. Familia23 offers consumers the opportunity to win the ultimate fiesta bash for their friends and family by submitting a photo and paragraph that testifies to that consumer living life to the max.

"When you look at what the communication of 'Vida a la 23' achieves, it is an all-out invitation to try the big, bold taste of Dr Pepper. At the end of the day, it is not a cola. It has 23 flavors. The whole idea was to create a link between a unique target, a unique lifestyle and a unique drink," says Alex López Negrete. He adds: "... We're very proud of this campaign because we feel it very relevantly addresses the passion points of this unique consumer: music, fame, hanging out, cars, friends and family in a natural, organic, yet powerful way – a way that only a brand like Dr Pepper could."

Curious? You should be. Go ahead. Check out what Vida23 is like and go to Listen to the song. Make your own mix. Download some ringtones. And, see if Club23 is in your hometown. You'll have fun. Fun to the 23rd.

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