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Lopez Negrete is named the Hispanic Agency of Record for the Kraft Singles Brand

Kraft has a long history with the Hispanic consumer in the United States and abroad and is one of the brands that Latinos love and trust. Building on that trust will be important during these economic times when Hispanics are looking for ways of putting quality meals on the family table or tucking a little extra goodness into their children's school lunch. They want to be confident that they are meeting their family's needs.

This is where Kraft Singles can win and where Lopez Negrete will play a role. As their newly appointed Hispanic agency of record, Lopez Negrete Communications will be responsible for the strategic and creative development of the Kraft Singles brand targeting the Hispanic consumer.

The Lopez Negrete strategic and creative team busily got to work producing the first creative, starting with an entertaining television spot which uses both live action and animation. The spot, titled "Picky Eaters," features an animated group of hungry ants that steal a sandwich with cheese slices, only to discover that the slices are imitation cheese, the kind made with water and oil, not the kind they wanted – the Kraft Singles made with real milk. These savvy ants quickly reject the sandwich. They are just as picky as Mom is.

Some of the top talent in the business brought the spot to life. It was directed by Randy Roberts of Happy Larry Pictures, the animation executed through the magic of Radium, and both the music score and sound design were in the hands of Andrés Levin of Fun Machine. The lovable "Picky Eaters" spot began airing in July.

"This is a great moment for Kraft Singles to become active once again in marketing to Latinos. We will put our 24+ years of food and grocery experience to work for them and Hispanics alike, and are looking forward to a long relationship with Kraft because we both have a clear vision and respect for the Hispanic consumer," said Alex López Negrete.

"The Kraft Singles brand is happy to bring Lopez Negrete on board as a partner in developing consumer strategies, integrated marketing plans, and communications for the U.S. Hispanic consumer. The Hispanic consumer is very important for Kraft Singles today, and represents a clear opportunity for growth in the future. We are very impressed with Lopez Negrete's depth of understanding of the consumer, the quality of their staff, and the length and success of their relationship with their clients. We look forward to working with them to develop and execute best-in-class plans for 2009 and beyond," said Clayton Wai-Poi, Kraft Foods senior brand manager.

The campaign has been extremely successful, because according to Nielsen data, since the campaign initially aired, Hispanic store sales are up +40% over the same period a year ago. Volume growth in Hispanic stores has significantly outpaced general market over the same time period. Research has shown that an impression was made with Hispanic moms, who now clearly understand the difference between Kraft Singles being made with milk and imitation slices made with water and oil. Mom wants the best for her children and Kraft Singles delivers just that.

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