Guerrero and Lopez Negrete:
A Rewarding Partnership

Hispanics’ love of food, family and tradition are well documented. Guerrero Mexican Foods shares these values with its customers who count on Guerrero to provide the traditional tortilla products they want and that their families deserve.

In turn, consumers are loyal to Guerrero. They know and trust Guerrero, making it the number one brand among Hispanics. And, keep in mind that 58% of Latinos believe it is a risk to purchase a brand they are unfamiliar with, according to News America Marketing.

To build on this connection to the Hispanic family, Guerrero is addressing something else that is extremely important to them – the education of their children.

With this in mind, Lopez Negrete Communications created a consumer rewards program titled Educando con Sabor (Educating with Flavor), which was launched this year in stores from April 20 to July 15. Lopez Negrete Communications was charged with increasing brand awareness, both in-store and out-of-store, encouraging further brand loyalty by building a greater emotional connection with Hispanics, driving dollar and pound volume, all while contributing to Hispanic education.

This program offered consumers the opportunity to acquire education-relevant rewards such as backpacks, lunch bags or branded notebooks in exchange for UPCs from participating products.

In store product photoIn store product photo

Guerrero’s goal was to reward Hispanic consumers for their loyal consumption of their tortilla products, encouraging one incremental purchase monthly, and making them advocates of the program. In addition to offering consumers the chance to receive useful school items, the program was extended to schools by offering prize bundles for larger redemption.

Lopez Negrete’s promotions department recommended an in-store strategy to secure cross-aisle displays in areas with complementing products such as fresh meats and produce. Stores with in-store POS support showed positive sales results compared to those who did not participate in the promotion. Educando con Sabor was supported by 1,200 of Guerrero’s retail partners across the United States. Radio, online, banner ads, in-store POS and a website also supported the program in 21 markets.

Lopez Negrete’s promotions team partnered with News America Marketing to manage a total of eight waves of POS placement across all participating stores, including over 200 field visits and phone audits to assure the quality of in-store POS management and reporting accuracy.

Although all Guerrero products were eligible to participate, to increase greater awareness of the program, the Lopez Negrete promotions team designed on-package messaging in the form of front and back bursts on Guerrero’s top three SKUs. They also created in-store merchandising with ad slicks, header cards with tear pads, and shelf talkers.

To support Educando con Sabor out of store, we created 60-second radio spots for a five-week blitz in local markets to really drive awareness. A total of 4,665 commercials aired on Spanish-language radio in 21 local markets, segmented by 173 radio remotes.

Promotional poster and screenshot of webpageBy going to, consumers could get entry forms, recipes, product information and promotion details. 49.08 percent of visits to the website were from direct traffic. and AOL Latino ran online banners to create even more excitement and encourage collection of UPCs.

Our public relations department partnered with the Instituto Mexicano Exterior (IME), a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds for continuing education for first-generation Hispanics. With Lopez Negrete’s help, Guerrero was able to donate $25,000 and secured a number of important community leaders to attend the event when the check was given to IME.

Education is a big part of Hispanic family values and Guerrero is excited to reward their customers with the tools needed to jump-start the school year. Lopez Negrete was delighted to lend its 360-degree expertise to help Guerrero exceed its promotion goals, and, at the same time, help the community it loves.

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